Thursday, November 02, 2006

Enter at your own risk

"My socks! It's as if they're glued to the spot!"

Yes, I'm starting up a random blog again, which is ultimately a stupid idea, but if anything it's for my own benefit so I can keep track of everything I'm working on.

Today's issue? HIGH SCHOOL IS A JOKE- that's it!

I'm starting a countdown not only for how much longer I'm condemned to River Hill, but another one for how many times I've watched Rocky Horror.

Rocky Horror w/o audience: 3 :with audience: 2

Why am I wasting my time? I'm incredibly bored. Today was work on the filmfest website, fixing up scholarship essay, and work. Met not one, but two people I know that were both away for school - one of which was on the other side of the world - a complete suprise, and if I was more motivated I'd calculate the probability of such an event occurring.

"I loved you!" WHAT? Do you hear me? I loved you!" OH SHIT


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't dream it. Be it.

12:19 PM  

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