Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Welcome to my blog - hope you enjoy my posts and find them useful and entertaining.
On to the first topic of interest for today: AMV's.
I'm starting with amv's simply because I recently made one. For those of you who don't know what they are, amv is an acronym for animated music video. Many people make these as a hobby, and usually anime is used. Basically one edits an anime episode - taking various clips from one or more episodes in a series and compiling them into a video that's synchronized with a music track - for the one below I used the Samurai Champloo series and timed it to Limp Bizkit's "Rollin"- language warning on this song, the "f" and "s" words are used a bit- no offense intended.
My first AMV attempt:

Some videos are better than others for a few reasons, the first of which being that some are only comprised of various scenes rather than actual lip synching, which most people don't think very highly of. It takes a fair amount of skill to only use scenes and make an amv impressive.
Here is an example of an extremely well-edited amv- this is from the Naruto series timed to the same song as mine:

Amv quality is based upon how well synchronized the clip is, and how amusing it is - some, like the amv hell movie featured below, are created for the sole purpose of humor. Other videos are created as tributes to series creators or specific charactors. Mine was just an attempt to see what I could do - it's fine to just make the characters look cool too.
AMV Hell 1 (of 3 in a series- the second is slightly more inappropriate, though more amusing in my opinion)WARNING: some scenes in this are very inappropriate

There are also quite a few AMV competitions out there - some are hosted online, and others happen at conventions - one example would be Otakon. Competitions are fun for those who want to put in the time and effort and really hone their video editing skills - some of the amv's entered are truly amazing, and I'll try to include them and/or links to them in the next few posts.
As far as editing software goes...I just used Windows MovieMaker. I normally don't prefer it though due to the fact that it admits so few file formats for editing. Ulead VideoStudio is ok, but wouldn't be my first choice, especially because I have had some very bad experiences with it regarding presentations. More expensive softwares like Macromedia would obviously be your best bet - amv's can be made in flash, and if you have the cash- who wouldn't want Final Cut Pro (apprx. a $3000 price tag on that)?


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